Corn chip and beans covered with  cheese  and topped with

guacamole &sour cream.    $8.95


Nachos ultima

choice of shredded beef, chicken ,or carnitas on top of corn

chip and beans covered with melted  cheese. Served

with guacamole  &sour cream.$9.95


Cheese crisp ultima

Large crisp flour tortilla covered with your choice of shredded

beef, chicken or carnitas. topped  with melted cheese. Served

with guacamole & sour cream.$9.95


cheese only with sour cream & guacamole.$7.95


Large flour tortilla grilled

With cheese and your choice

Of shredded beef, chicken or

Carnitas. Served with guacamole&sour cream.$9.95

Cheese only with sour cream &guacamole $7.95


Fajita quesadillas

Large flour tortilla grilled with melted cheese filled with your

Choice of steak or chicken fajita,served with guacamole &sour

Sour cream.$10.95


Spinach quesadilla

Large flour tortilla grilled with melted cheese with spainch

leaves, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions served with

guacamole & sour cream. $9.95


Fresh Guacamole $3.95


Albondiags Soup

Vegetables & meatball soup, cup $4.95 Bowl w/ tortillas $7.95


Tortilla soup

Shredded chicken, vegetables, tortilla chips & fresh cilantro. Cup $4.95 Bowl w/ tortillas $7.95


Menudo with tortilla $7.95


Pozole with tortiall $7.95


Choice of chicken or pork

Southwest chicken Salad

Large salad with our special low fat dressing topped with cheese, avocado, tomatoes, bell pepper & large charbroiled chicken breast. $10.95


Southwest Shrimp Salad

Combination of large & small scampi style shrimp on top of a large salad with low fat dressing, avocado, tomatoes, bell pepper & cheese. $13.95


Taco Salad

Large flour tortilla made into a bowl filled with salad, cheese, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, cottage cheese & your choice of beef or chicken. $9.95


Dinner Salad $4.95


 Add soup or salad for $1.95

Our signature may grande platters are a great way to experience delivious dishes from the south of Mexico!

Fish Picado

Fish cut into cubes and smothered with green pepper, onion, celery and tomatoes, cooked in white wine served with rice & beans and tortillas $14.95

Shrimp Fiesta Platter

A shrimp lover’s feast! Combination of large and small shrimp cooked in wine & vegetables served with rice and beans and flour or corn tortillas. $14.95

Fish Tacos

Two tacos made with cabbage & large pieces of fish on soft flour or corn tortillas with our own special sauce, served with rice & beans $12.95

Sea of Cortez

Filet of Mahi-mahi, girlled to perection topped with our famous Spanish sauce. Served with cheese enchilada, rice and beans, flour or corn tortillas. $14.95


Cmarones ala diabla

12 large shrimp cooked with a garlic & white wine mixed with fresh tomatoes, onions & diabla sauce 9 hot peper & tomato sauce), served with rice & beans, flour or corn tortialls$13.95


Shrimp Enchiladas

2 Enchiladas Filled with shrimp, mushrooms & onions topped with our Famous Spanish sauce and two kinds of cheese served with rice and beans. $13.95